Workshop Series

Financial Empowerment Coaching

12-Part Virtual Workshop Series

Janurary 2023 - June 2023

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Who is this workshop for?

Take control of your financial success in 2023! Join us for an in-depth financial coaching program. Work with an experienced coach, a tribe of female entrepreneurs, and opportunities to collaborate with each other. Together we will demystify money, understand how money moves through your organization, and create strategies to boost profitability. Throughout the program we’ll introduce you to new financial tools, and teach you how to implement them in your business and life.

This isn't your normal coaching. This isn't a workshop. It's an ACTION-SHOP. You will walk away with an action plan that will empower you and your business.

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What's included with this series?

6-Month Deep Dive

We'll take a guided deep dive into your organization finances. Get financial clarity on each aspect of your organization.'

Group Coaching Sessions

Find support for each challenge with an experienced coach and a group of female entrepreneurs like yourself.

Private Coaching Sessions

Find solutions to your specific finanical challenges with private one-on-one coaching sessions. We can dive into specifics of your organization with compassion and understanding.


Take meaningful steps to improve your organization by being accountabile to yourself, your coach and a group of supportive business owners that understand challenges your facing.

Action Plan

Craft a plan of action to achive your specific goals, and focus your efforts where they count.

Financial Tools

Break the cycle of habbits that lead to financial challanges, with new perspective and easy to implement strategies to change how you approach financial decisions in your buisiness and personal life.

Scope of Content

What will we be focusing on?

Throughout this series, we will take time to explore these and many other topics.

Financial Healing

Income Streams


Maximize Savings

Debt Reduction


Asset Building

Owning a property

    Growing Your Business


        Business Coaching

        How can a business coach help me?

        A business coach can help you recognized your blind spots, change your perspective, and overcome obstacles.


        A winning team needs a coach in the field and one with a bird’s eye-view. You’re running the field, we make sure you’re running in the right direction.

        Financial Analysis

        A bird’s eye view of your finances lets you know exactly how things are moving and which movements are affecting the results.

        Goal setting

        Do you have big goals but you’re getting stuck on how to get there? Let us help you MAPP it out.


        You may know your industry’s profitability. Are you reading yours correctly? Let us help you break-through to the new levels.


        It doesn’t matter how fast you’re moving, you will still move forward one step at a time. Skipping steps may result in unwanted falls. Allow us to keep you moving forward..


        Mentorship starts with measurements. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you can’t measure then you can’t grow. We provide you the tools that you need for that next level.


        After 12 years of reviewing finances, investing in real estate, and growing in stock market; the biggest obstacles standing in most people’s success is themselves.

        Online Tools

          Our profit calculator lets you see exactly where you stand. Are you satisfied with it, or is it time to pivot?


        Who is leading this series?

        Experience and compassion

        Priya Kumar

        Founder / Business Coach

        My mission is to help every person achieve personal success and peace of mind from financial stress.

        12-years of experience as a business investigator

        10-years of experience reviewing finances and empowering businesses



        We love what we do, and we love even more hearing how we have helped our clients reach their goals. Here's what some of them have said about our work.

        Pivot My Profit

        "Priya’s Coaching, I would describe our coaching sessions as growth opportunities, participations in my progress and celebrating my milestones! The session provides a variety of breakthroughs especially the mindset blockage that has led to phenomenal weeks of strategic action steps. She guides me to a balanced weekly action plan that works for me at every stage of my growth of my health and wellness coaching practice. My growth now from the time I started with her has been at least 50% of business visibility, 20% of profit growth, and most importantly 100% increase in confidence in myself as a Transformation Health Strategist!"

        Yaa Astar
        Business Owner

        "I am a online nutrition business owner that was struggling with knowing what direction her business was going. I knew I wanted to grow, but I didn't know how to track it properly or figure out what my business numbers needed to be to reach my goals. With Priya's guidance and support, she helped me learn that I wasn't paying myself enough and that in order to grow, you needed to see where your money was going. Also having goal numbers are important to make sure you're on track to meet that goal. I learned how to diversify my business accounts to have a more organized way to manage my money."

        Kiki Magnuson
        Living Well With Kiki

        Ready to make a change? Take control of your financial success in 2023!