Business Coaching

We have over 10-years of experience helping small businesses analize their finances, overcome obstacles, grow sustainably.

How can a business coach help?

A business coach is someone who sees your blind spots and provides guidance to successfully overcome obstacles and challenges.


A winning team needs a coach in the field and one with a bird’s eye-view. You’re running the field, we make sure you’re running in the right direction.

Financial Analysis

A bird’s eye view of your finances lets you know exactly how things are moving and which movements are affecting the results.

Goal setting

Do you have big goals but you’re getting stuck on how to get there? Let us help you MAPP it out.


You may know your industry’s profitability. Are you reading yours correctly? Let us help you break-through to the new levels.


It doesn’t matter how fast you’re moving, you will still move forward one step at a time. Skipping steps may result in unwanted falls. Allow us to keep you moving forward..


Mentorship starts with measurements. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you can’t measure then you can’t grow. We provide you the tools that you need for that next level.


After 12 years of reviewing finances, investing in real estate, and growing in stock market; the biggest obstacles standing in most people’s success is themselves.

Online Tools

    Our profit calculator lets you see exactly where you stand. Are you satisfied with it, or is it time to pivot?

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Our Approach

We have developed tools and strategies to meet the types of needs small businesses struggle with the most.

Grow your business

We'll show you techniques to help level-up your buisness with profitable sustainable growth.

Finanical Analysis

Discover where your money is going. We’ll help you see the big picture so you can eliminate expenses and make smart strategic investments.


Build a solid foundation of financial concepts. Join us for online workshops and browse our virtual library to build your skills and confidence.

Profit Planner App

Use our online calculator to understand your profit, project the effect of small improvements over time, and make smart goals to hold yourself accountable.


No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you plan the step with one-on-one business coaching.

Accomplish your goals

We can help you set and work towards reasonable goals.

MAPP Technique

Discover the power of continuous improvement. Our Measure, Analyze, Plan, and Pivot process, is designed to focus your attention on opportunities, and turn them into action.

SMART Goals App

Get in the habit of achieving your goals by making them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Our online tools can help you create SMART goals and track your progress over time so you can celebrate each step.

Virtual Academy

Browse our online library of case studies from business owners like you, to learn from their successes and mistakes.

One-on-one coaching

We can help you craft a roadmap to you achieve your goals, one step at a time with individual coaching.

Increase your profits

Bring your finances into balance with techniques to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Financial Analysis

We can help make sense of your accounting and show you where your money is going. Empower your business with actionable information to improve your businesses financial health.


Turn your weaknesses into opportunities with techniques to change your perspective, and approach problems from a new direction.

Market Analysis

We can help you set competitive and financially sound service rates for your business, so you don’t undervalue your worth.


We can help you break free of the anxiety that’s holding you back from taking advantage of the opportunities around you. One-on-one coaching can give you the tools and confidence to be a better leader.


Personal Touch

We take the time to understand your business, and it's unique situation.

Priya Kumar

Founder / Business Coach

Over 10-years of experience helping small businesses manage their finances and climb out of debt.


"Priya is an amazing coach. She not only helped me get financially secure but also got me unstuck. She helped me find my balance and set healthy boundaries. I’m no longer just spinning my wheels. She is a great accountability partner. She makes you belief in yourself and really values you not just as a client but as a person."

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Take control of your future

Build confidence and focus with resources to help put your goals in perspective.

SWOT Exercise

Make better decisions with better perspective


What makes your company unique? What are your personal strengths?


Frame your current weakensses as opportunities to grow or improve.


What unique opportunites do you see. What's holding you back from acting?


What risks are on your mind? What can you do to manage them? What can you do to today to avoid an obstacle tomorrow?

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