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Take control of your financial future

Smart financial advice to help weather the storm and secure your future.

We provide small businesses a map to their success. We're here to help you save time, save money, and become more efficient.

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Workshop Series

Financial Empowerment Workshop

Take control of your financial success in 2023! Join us for an in-depth financial coaching program. Work with an experienced coach, a tribe of female entrepreneurs, and opportunities to collaborate with each other. Together we will demystify money, understand how money moves through your organization, and create strategies to boost profitability.

Starting Janurary 2023


Bring your business & life into balance

We provide tools and perspective to help guide you through the short-term challenges on your way to financial freedom.

Business Coaching

Successful small businesses must be agile and resilient to outmaneuver their competition.

Sustainable Growth

Discover your unique strengths and advantages in your industry, and how to leverage opportunities before your competition.

Focus to Accomplish Goals

Stop endlessly juggling and start making sustainable progress towards your objectives with reasonable and specific goals.

Reduce Expenses

Financial analytics to highlight where your resources are going, so you can reduce expenses without making sacrifices.

Leadership Coaching

We are constantly growing. Whether itโ€™s our workplace, our kids, or our environment, we need to continuously develop ourselves to keep up with the new.

Work-life Balance

We too often allow our workload to spill over in our personal and home lives, causing more frustration than freedom. A good balance will increase joy and reduce stress as well as stress related health issues.

Personal Growth

Personal growth increases confidence, self of esteem, and value of self. It makes relationships healthier, improves health, reduces stress, greater resilience, greater success, and creates a sense of purposefulness.

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About Us

We're here to help every person achieve personal success and peace of mind from financial stress.

Priya Kumar

Founder / Business Coach

Over 10-years of experience helping small businesses manage their finances and climb out of debt.


Our Clients

Kiki Magnuson Living Well With Kiki

Hi Everyone, My name is Kiki Magnuson and I am a online nutrition business owner that was struggling with knowing what direction her business was going. I knew I wanted to grow, but I didn't know how to track it properly or figure out what my business numbers needed to be to reach my goals.

With Priya's guidance and support, she helped me learn that I wasn't paying myself enough and that in order to grow, you needed to see where your money was going. Also having goal numbers are important to make sure you're on track to meet that goal. I learned how to diversify my business accounts to have a more organized way to manage my money and to see which months did better than others.

If you're a business owner that doesn't know how to understand the business side of things, I highly recommend working with Priya. She's super resourceful and will keep you accountable! Super grateful for my time working with you. Completely worth it!

Living Well With Kiki
Kiki Magnuson
Living Well With Kiki

Incremental Improvement


Learn how you can effect lasting change with incremental improvements to your business.


Measure the current state, so you can recognize improvement.


Identify your challenges and their root causes.


Craft strategies to address each challenge.


Implement your plan with manageable incremental goals.

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Calculate your current profit vs revenue. Forcast the effect of small improvements that can lead to exponential growth.

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Take control of your future

Build confidence and focus with resources to help put your goals in perspective.

My Entrepreneur Journal

Business Journal for Entrepreneurs who want to stay focused, monitor their financial gains, prioritize, practice gratitude and self-care and keep their networking information organized.

My Entrepreneur Journal

My Journey

This guided journal helps you create the future you envision for yourself one step at a time, one day at a time. Redefining your purpose, creating value, and harnessing your strengths. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities, overcome your obstacles, and achieve your goals.

My Journey

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